Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to be paleo around here?

I am back in Poland... and it's hard to keep up with paleo lifestyle. After a few weeks of totally falling of the wagon, I am trying to get back on it. But it's not easy... Even though Poland loves its meat, and it's hard to find something that doesn't have pork in it. The problem is, I don't eat pork. I am not strict with keeping religious rules, but this is still one I try to respect. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a piece of sausage that wouldn't have some pork in it. But even if I did eat pork, the sausages are horrible! Full of chemicals, preservatives, fillers (mostly gluten based) and what not... I miss my grass-fed beef franks for breakfast! Beef in general is not as popular, chickens are filled with chemicals and you can't find out their origin... I have to compromise, I can't eat 100% paleo. Adding to it that now I am on extreme budget (at least till I get proper job), and it's really difficult. The good side? The price of delicious smoked macarel, and good old herring. Butter, eggs (coming from free-range are not that more expensive than regular ones). Less obsession with so called "healthy" diet, meat is regular everywhere, no soy obsession... So there are some good sides as well :) Other bad sides, which are not directly connected with paleo: everyone seems to smoke. BLERGH. there is no coconut oil. Junk food is still not as popular as in the US, people tend to cook at home, and in every store you will find fresh meat and veggies. This is pretty chaotic, but I will try and get with my Polish paleo adventures in a more orderly way from now on... :)


  1. Nie wiem czy jeszcze tutaj zaglądasz, ale mimo wszystko napisze. Czy jest jakaś możliwość złapać z tobą kontakt internetowy? Też praktykuje od pewnego czasu mniej więcej paleo lifestyle i też jestem raczej outsiderem wśród swoich znajomych jeśli o to chodzi, a sądze że dla nas obojga byłoby korzystne powymieniać się doświadczeniami. Zawsze wygodniej i przyjemniej rozmawiać w ojczystym języku.
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  2. Hi, I read through some of your blog and saw your before/after description on (posted in 2011). Our small, two-man company (that normally does whiteboard animation videos) is gearing up to sell a Paleo eating guide/cookbook, and I'm interested in using your testimonial and photos describing the Paleo diet lifestyle and how it has affected you. (Not a false testimonial for our new product, obviously, but a general review of what it's like to eat "paleo.") We'd be interested in a brief statement from you about eating "paleo" and a before/after photo to use on our website.

    Would you be interested? I can't wait to hear from you!